“Cognitive Architectures for Robotics” talk

“Cognitive Architectures for Robotics” talk

BECCA ArchitectureThe LA Machine Learning meetup is coming to our office on Tuesday evening, April 24th, for a talk about Cognitive Architectures for Robotics by Matt Chapman, assistant organizer of the LA Robotics meetup.

From the meetup announcement:

The Brain Emulating Cognition and Control Architecture (BECCA) is a software framework for feature creation, reinforcement learning and action selection, designed for especially robotics, but is also more broadly applicable. It’s currently implemented in MATLAB, with a port to Python underway, and has demonstrated some very basic ability to allow simple robotics hardware to learn basic behaviors given a defined goal or task.

This presentation will include some demos of capabilities, a review of the published literature, and an introduction to hacking the code base and creating your own BECCA Agents and Tasks.

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